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  • Flash Fiction

    Can I eat this

    The gooey chocolate mud cake was making eyes at me. I could see him trying to tempt me, the tease! But I wouldn’t succumb. Willpower. After all, the scales screamed seventy…

  • Poetry


    Fast-paced life No time to go slow Rushing each day From the get-go Ultimate aim: To fit it all in This way though We just exist From one moment To the…

  • Poetry

    Those dreadful numbers

    I’ve lost count Of the times I’ve needed numbers To be even, not odd Yet I know How irrational it seems To place my destiny In digits like these It offers…

  • Poetry

    Where do you go

    Where is it you go When you leave me Each night Why don’t you tell me The exact path of Your flight I wait I wonder I live In fear Of…

  • Poetry

    Friends Or more

    Is it how you smile at me Or your gentle touch? Is it you confiding in me Implying I mean so much I wish you’d be upfront How you feel about…