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Festival of Words

  • Feminism Fodder

    The F-word

    No, not the four letter one. The other one that is considered offensive today — Feminism. For some reason, in this day and age, I notice so many women shying away…

  • Flash Fiction

    55 Fiction: Meant to be

      I looked into those brown eyes for the very first time and was smitten. The way you played with my hair and touched my cheek made me realise you were…

  • Life lessons

    Good enough

    photo credit: comedy_nose via photopin cc They thought I would amount to nothing. Nothing I ever did was good enough. I had gone from being an outgoing blabbermouth who topped the…

  • Life

    Where do I begin

    photo credit: horrigans via photopin cc I don’t know where to begin. How do I tell you that sometimes you mean more to me than just a friend? Like I said,…

  • Blogging

    Sharing the love

    Each day as I open my Feedly reader, there are several updates from the gazillion blogs I follow. I follow blogs for different reasons: ones that speak to me because we…