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  • Humour

    My First Date

    photo credit: blmiers2 via photopin cc My very first date ever was at the ripe old age of 21. But it wasn’t the date itself that deserves the post. It was…

  • Life

    Dating Diary – Science boy

    I realise I haven’t written much in the whole dating diary thing post The Writer. There are a couple of reasons for that. One being I’ve only been on one date.…

  • Life

    Dating Diary – An update on The Writer

    If you are new here or just haven’t caught up with my oh-so-riveting dating life {sarcasm, people!!}, please read this post first. Anyway, I want to thank all the optimists out…

  • Life

    Dating Diary – First edition

    First and foremost, a message to my mum: Mum, I know you read my blog religiously. Can I please ask you to NOT worry about the stuff written in this series?…