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    55 Fiction: The Message

    photo credit: tray via photopin cc “Where are you?” “20 mins away. Traffic’s awful!” “Told you to leave early. Happens every time. When will you learn?” “Sorry! Make it up? :-* ” “You…

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    55 Fiction: Meant to be

      I looked into those brown eyes for the very first time and was smitten. The way you played with my hair and touched my cheek made me realise you were…

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    55 Fiction: Regret

    photo credit: iwinatcookie via photopin cc I was the best actor and yet, the only one with no parent in the audience. I couldn’t blame my dead mum. How I wished…

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    55 Fiction: Breaking Up

    photo credit: EliJerma via photopin cc Why had he left? Why was he not ready for a relationship? This, after being the one pursuing her! Sure, it had only been a…

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    55 Fiction: It’s a small world

    photo credit: ~ Pil ~ via photopin cc It was love at first sight. We were perfect — intellectually, emotionally, physically. We saw our future after a month together. Even my…