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  • Kitty Kapers

    The story of the ghost cat

    Back in October, I made the big move from the Sutherland Shire to the Central Coast {I still miss the shire but that’s a whole other post!} That meant we moved…

  • Kitty Kapers

    Meow from Buttons

    A very big Meow to you all. Many, many months ago, mum allowed Pebbles to write on her blog. She said I would get a turn next but I never did.…

  • Kitty Kapers

    Meow from Pebbles #felinefriday

    Meow! It’s Pebbles here. I figured I should go first because I’m older than Buttons. He is the bossy one though but I don’t always take his crap. So why am…

  • Kitty Kapers

    Buttons turns four

    I’m a bad mum. I forgot my second fur-baby’s birthday. Buttons turned 4 on the 7th of October. For some reason, in my head, his birthday was the 7th of November.…