Halfway through 2024

It’s been over a year since I updated this space. If it were a home, there’d be cobwebs and dust gathering in the nooks and crannies. There’d be a musty smell permeating through it. But given it’s an online space, the only evidence of neglect is the last post dated in June 2023. And a very old website design.

Today isn’t the first time I’ve thought of putting words down here. I’ve lingered over the keyboard. Started sentences. Stopped. Started again.

This space was an integral part of my twenties, and then most of my thirties. I made some wonderful connections just through words. I don’t know how many of them continue to write. I do know I still keep in touch with some either via texts or other forms of social media. But there are some I no longer know what’s happened. It’s a strange feeling; knowing someone intimately through personal blogging and then suddenly, there is nothing more. I can’t help but wonder what has happened to them. To their children. Their lives. Are they well? Do they still write? I probably will never know.

I turned 40 earlier this year.

When I look back at the posts from my 20s and 30s, there are moments of cringe. I see it as a sign of growth. We live. We make mistakes. We learn. We grow. I wonder sometimes about the oversharing from my younger years. But in some ways, that was personal blogging. It did help me connect with others. At 40 however, I no longer feel the need to overshare. Even on Instagram, my preferred form of social media, I share a lot but I refrain from some overshares in my personal life. It still remains a highlight reel.

I have contemplated downloading and deleting all my posts. Starting fresh. Keeping this as just a writer’s space. But what would I say? Would I mainly share bookish thoughts? My writing? I toyed with the idea of Substack – which everyone and their dog seems to be moving towards. But then, isn’t it just another form of blogging? The beauty of a website is it’s your domain. It doesn’t belong to anyone else. If Substack one day decides to sell to someone like Elon Musk, we’re not suddenly thrown into a moral quandry {yes, I left Twitter or X or whatever it’s called now}.

Maybe I won’t delete all my posts but I do think it needs a tidy. Just like any neglected home. When you move back in after almost a year, you want to spruce up the place, make it welcoming. And I guess, if you’re moving back to this place when you are in a new decade in your own life, you want your home to represent that.

Sanch Writes began as Over Cups of Coffee. Then morphed into Living my Imperfect Life before settling on it’s current version. That won’t change. But what’s within it, probably does need an update.

If you still get updates, do say hi. If you’re new here, welcome. I’ll try and make more use of this space as I do cherish it. It will never be as much as before because I do spend more writing time on my short stories. But monthly posts would be nice. Even if it’s a reminder of what this space meant to me in my 20s and 30s. Of how it helped sometimes through loneliness. And how great it was to have conversations with others.

Photo credit: Keenan Sultanik on Unsplash

Until next time,

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  • Reply
    Thistles and Kiwis
    1 July 2024 at 5:16 pm

    Yesterday, I was looking through some old posts and thought to myself ‘what ever happened to Sanch?’ Then today… about that for coincidence? Nice to see you back!

    • Reply
      Sanch @ Sanch Writes
      1 July 2024 at 8:15 pm

      Oh that is a lovely coincidence! I was looking through my feedly this morning and there was nothing from you and I wondered if you’d stopped writing but I guess not! Just need to update my feed.

  • Reply
    Debbie Harris
    1 July 2024 at 7:47 pm

    Hi Sanch, welcome back!!

  • Reply
    Parul Thakur
    5 July 2024 at 11:58 am

    Good to read this. I nodded along as a I read. I have had many similar thoughts since I turned 40. I also see growth and while things have changed, reading the older posts tells me how I interpreted the world then. Still thinking through all that but happy to see you write.
    Take care Sanch and hope to have you home one day šŸ˜Š

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