What this week #6

Happy Monday, readers! If you’re here in Oz, it’s almost the end of our Monday, which for me, is the end of my weekend. But without further ado, let’s get into what this week.


I finished reading Thirst For Salt by Madelaine Lucas last week and started Chinaman by Shehan Karunatilaka. Thirst for Salt was a quiet and atmospheric book. I enjoyed it though I didn’t love it. I’ve written more of a review here. Chinaman has started strong – it’s a book about cricket set in Sri Lanka, and so far, it has Karunatilaka’s laugh-out-loud prose. I’m keen to see where it goes and hope to finish it by the end of the week but I’m not liking my chances given my work commitments. I’m also still going slowly with Atomic Habits as mentioned before.


Due to only a couple of nights at home this past week, we’ve continued watching Never Have I Ever. We should finish it this week. Other than that, I also went to the movies for two more Sydney Film Festival movies. This time around, we watched Shortcomings and Past Lives. Shortcomings is based on a graphic novel. It is an enjoyable movie about a discontent 30-something Asian American man whose girlfriend requests a break and whose best friend decides she needs space from her family too and how he reconciles it all. I went without really knowing much about this movie and found myself laughing and moved by it all at once. Now to read the graphic novel! Past Lives was a very different movie set between Korea and America and about childhood sweethearts who reconnect as adults. It was a quiet and sweet movie, filled with longing and loss. I’m really glad I gave the Sydney Film Festival a go this year; in the past, I’ve probably watched one film or none at all but the experience this year was great!


I have been trying to listen to Atomic Habits when possible or rock anthems to help motivate me through administrative tasks for work.


On the public holiday Monday, I went on an 11-kilometre hike. Unfortunately for me, I forgot my Apple Watch and it was devastating not to have it recorded. I learnt just how obsessed I am with it. Apart from that, it’s been work, watching movies, making pumpkin soup, doing a leisurely walk on Sunday, reading outside, and then going over to a friend’s place for dinner. I’ve also been reflecting a bit on how to change habits and create some better routines from July. It’s been a quiet week but one that I am grateful for.

What have you been reading, watching, doing or listening to this week?

Do share!

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