What this Week #5

It’s a public holiday Monday here in NSW, and while I have Mondays off anyway, it’s been a lot more relaxing than my usual Mondays. It has also meant this week’s what this week comes to you late in the day. But without further ado, here is it.


Reading has been a lot slower this past week due to work and going out. I started Thirst for Salt by Madelaine Lucas last Sunday and continued to read bits of it during the week. It’s a quiet novel, and I’ve enjoyed the descriptions of the south coast while the romance side of things is hitting me differently for personal reasons. I’ve also been reading and partly listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear. I’ve had the ebook for a long time and figured it was about time I start reading it because I really want to get back into good writing habits again.


This week, we finished Shrinking on Apple TV which I highly recommend for the laughs and the warmth. We started the final season of Never Have I Ever on Netflix last night. But mostly this week, we’ve been watching movies as part of the Sydney Film Festival. We caught Asteroid City, a weird and quirky movie with laughs and dark humour, Run Rabbit Run, an Australian horror movie that was predictable in many ways but saved by the acting, and Bad Behaviour, a Kiwi movie about a mother-daughter relationship that was darkly comical with moments of poignancy and reflection.


I’ve briefly been listening to Linkin Park to help me get through work admin tasks as well as Atomic Habits when I can but honestly, I haven’t had too much time to listen for pleasure.


This past week has been fairly busy. I worked most days but also found time for other things. I got some new tattoos on Monday, something I’d been thinking about for a while and I also caught up with my friend for lunch after. As mentioned before, my partner and I watched three movies at the Sydney film festival and were out and about for that, but we also took time to check out some parts of Vivid mid-week at Barangaroo and The Rocks. Barangaroo was a lot nicer this year, but The Rocks was a tad disappointing. I’ve always loved the artwork at Customs House, which usually has a story to tell. This year, it was just animations with no real story, and it disappointed me. The MCA, however, had a fantastic one. I also managed to catch up with a couple of online friends for Sunday lunch; it’d been a long time coming, and as always, was a lovely catch-up.

That’s been my week. I’m looking forward to yet another busy week ahead but hoping to fit in time to read, write, and reflect.

What have you been reading, watching, doing or listening to this week?

Do share!

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