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What this Week #1

In a bid to revive this space and my writing, I want to try and start a weekly feature of What This Week. For those unaware, it’s a common tag on Instagram focussing mainly on reading, watching and listening and I like it for the slightly personal nature which reminds me of the good old blogging days. So anyway, here’s the first instalment with my own little tweaks to it.


This past week I finished The Crane Wife by CJ Hauser and The Cat who saved books by Sosuke Natsukawa. The Crane Wife is a collection of essays by CJ Hauser about her history of relationships and reflections on how pop culture has shaped her expectations in relationships, and consequently, her experiences. With references to movies, literature, and TV shows {hello, X-Files!}, it’s a fascinating and personal read. The Cat who saved books is a Japanese novel with an element of fantasy/magical realism to it. A talking cat enlists the help of a young boy, a shut-in, to save books that are being harmed. It was a sweet and poignant read about our relationship with books and reading these days.


After my parents left this week, my partner and I returned to our regular programming. We finished the John Wick series (movie 3) which we’d started with my parents and with the aim to watch the fourth one at the movies. Once that was done, we watched Beef on Netflix and my goodness! What. A. Show. I have so many thoughts about it but I feel it deserves an entire post of its own. We also started Ted Lasso from the beginning yesterday. I’ve watched seasons 1 and 2 but my partner hasn’t and so we started from scratch which has been an absolute delight. I also finished the last two episodes of Class of ’07 on Prime. I’d started this on my own in March and then didn’t get a chance to finish it before my family arrived. I’ve also started watching The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. With a fair few shows on the go, it’s shaping up to be a decent winter.


This past week I’ve mainly listened to old favourites – We Lost the Sea‘s Departure Songs and the ongoing playlist has been the Calm before the Storm which is basically instrumental and ambient post-rock. I am a bit sad that I won’t be going to the Dunk Festival in May as the line up is incredible!


My parents left for India on Tuesday which happened to be a public holiday here. After dropping them off in the early hours of the morning, I went back to sleep, followed by lunch out with my partner. We hit the beach in the afternoon and enjoyed a couple of beers in the evening. I had book club on Thursday and saw a physiotherapist on Friday after experiencing shooting pains in my knee on a walk on Wednesday night. I had to cancel some social plans due to being super tired and in pain. Sunday was meant to be a rainy day indoors but when the weather cleared, we walked across the bridge to the city and hung out at the Botanic Gardens with our books after wandering through the markets in The Rocks. And of course, I worked this week from Wednesday through to Saturday, marking one year since I finished up my job and became self-employed.

That’s my week.

What were you up to this past week? Do share!

Featured image photo by Min An

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  • Barbara Loefgren
    1 May 2023 at 6:47 pm

    Lovely to see you back in the land of blogs! Looks like a good week.

    • Sanch @ Sanch Writes
      1 May 2023 at 6:48 pm

      Thank you! It’s good to be back and hopefully, it will last!