The Month That Was

March 2022 Reflections

What can I say about the month that was March? The colours of the leaves have begun to change, the autumn skies were gorgeous when there was no rain. March was a big, big wet.

It was also a tight ball of anxiety, a wave of emotions, with several moments of contentment. It started with an anxiety-fuelled trip to Adelaide where I got to hang with some lovely online friends, listen to amazing writers, & seek reprieve from the ongoing wet in Sydney. 

It was the month I decided to resign from my job with the intent to go forth into my solo private practice. It meant shifting my attention focussing on wrapping up & building up. It meant very little brain space for writing or reading, albeit the holidays helped. March was social while also trying to dodge a certain virus. I met some friends, went away for a weekend with others. I attended my first live music event since the new norm at a small venue. I walked, trained, started a writing program. I spent time on the couch rewatching After Life & Bojack Horseman. We had an early farewell for me from work which involved an Escape Room and I also finally visited the NSW Art Gallery after almost a decade.

It’s probably the first time in years I haven’t swum in the ocean in March. The heavy rains meant the water was filthy & even on days when it was clear, we couldn’t get in. It’s been lovely to still walk along the coast, to smell the ocean air. The air is chillier these days, the warmer clothes & thick socks are out. Of the 4 books I read, three were favourites – Love Marriage, You’ll be home soon, and These Precious Days

I welcome April with an open heart & long for some sunny days. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

How was March for you?

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