The Month That Was

January 2022 Reflections

The year began with beach swims which continued every time the sun shone. I set intentions to focus, to slow down, to take it one day at a time. Sometimes I succeeded, other times it was harder. 

I turned a year older, maybe a bit wiser. Time will tell. I soaked up the sun, felt the salt in my hair and skin, read a lot, especially at the beach, drank coffee and beers, ate good food, listened to music. I walked, I explored, I trained at the gym, went to the theatre. I wrote, even when the words were hard to come by but they were better than none at all. I saw friends but only a few. I went to my first test cricket game; then had to test myself for covid more out of anxiety than anything else. Omicron and incompetent governments cast a shadow over summery plans.

Books I read in January

Anxiety continued to show up, though not as badly as last year. Work continued to feel like a chore, like nothing had changed since the year before. But with new solo work plans ahead, there is hope. I had moments of emptiness and sadness, but life has taught me that these come and go. I remembered to be grateful for all I have and not focus on the things I don’t. I spent time with those who fill my cup. 

What will February bring, I wonder. As long as there’s more sun, sand, waves, books, music, laughter and connection, I think I can be content. 

I have started a newsletter this year. You are welcome to subscribe as I think of ways to reach a broader audience but eventually bring them back here. It will have different content to the website, that’s for sure.

How was your January?

Do share!

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