Weekly Gratitude 2021 52/52

Happy Sunday, lovely readers! This is the final instalment of my 2021 weekly gratitude posts on the final Sunday of the year. I have been spending today decluttering, cleaning, and watching the Boxing Day test. It’s been good so far. This past week was also the final week of work and then starting holidays. Without further ado, here are all the things I am grateful for from 19th December to 25th December 2021:

Sunday morning at the beach because we finally had a weekend of summer weather

Monday evening at the beach after work

Catching up with a friend on Tuesday for an after-work swim at a different beach and enjoying a couple of drinks with them at the beach after – perfection!

Breakfast waffles on Wednesday morning with a friend and colleague at a local cafe to celebrate us finishing off for the year

Finishing off work for the year on Wednesday – it was a fabulous feeling to set that out of office reply

Week 52

Sneaking in some beach time on a cloudy Friday morning

Seeing Jellybean at the gym twice this week and getting all the cuddles

Christmas eve at my friends’ KJ and DO – good company, good food, good times

Christmas morning at the beach with my friend ES

Christmas evening hosted by Sammie and her husband – a lovely meal, lovely company, and such a lovely time

It’s been a good week and I am especially grateful for the weather, for the lovely friends I have, and finishing off work for the year. I hope you have had a wonderful week and have enjoyed Christmas {if you celebrate} and the time off {if you don’t}.

I will still most likely continue the weekly gratitude posts into 2022 because it is fulfilling and helps me see the silver linings even when things are hard. Thank you for being here and reading this. I will also be completing a year-end wrap up post on the blog as I do every year.

Until next time,

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