Weekly Gratitude 2021 47/52

Happy Sunday readers! I come to you very late on a Sunday. It’s grey and cold here in Sydney and I returned home from a weekend away a few hours ago. The week itself was a busy one where we rolled out some changes at work but once that was done, there was a huge sense of relief. Anyway, without further ado, here are all the things I’m grateful for from 14 November to 20 November 2021:

Sunday morning chats with my sister

Taking myself to the gym on a Sunday because I was feeling flat. While the feeling itself didn’t completely go away, it was a good way to ride the wave of emptiness

Starting to make some changes for the year ahead and feeling slightly hopeful about a few things

Taking myself to the beach on Wednesday evening just to sit and have drink while listening to the waves. It was far too cold and windy to go for a swim but always lovely to be by the ocean

Cuddles from Jellybean the dog who always brings a smile to my face

Dinner and drinks on Thursday with Sammie

Cat cuddles during the week but especially on Friday; I think Pebbles sensed I was going away

Heading up the coast for a weekend away on Friday afternoon

Friday night drinks and dinner at Port Stephens with my friends

Saturday walks around Port Stephens, some quiet time reading, fun dinner and drinks by the beach followed by more at our AirBnB after

The week has been mainly work-focussed with a bit of life stuff towards the end of it. I’m tired but also quietly hopeful about some things. For now though, I want to get through the next few weeks, one day at a time, and am longing for the break.

How was your week?

Do share!

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Until next time,

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