I once believed in magic;
in fairytales of sorts
of faraway trees
and forests green
with brownies, fairies,
and animals that talked
then life hit me in the face
brutal truths revealed
somehow, as i aged
the magic seemed to cease
there are no happy endings
fairness is a myth
inequality is rife
and the good don’t always win
but a life without hope
seems pretty bleak
it sucks the joy out of living, 
the sense of purpose we seek 
i know now the magic
isn’t in talking animals or trees
it’s in kind acts and the goodness 
of people we meet 
yes, there’ll be suffering 
and life still isn’t fair
but each of us can do our bit
in showing others we care

(c) Words and Pictures by Sanchana Venkatesh

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  • SMD
    16 November 2021 at 6:00 am

    This was a great read, I identify with it. Thank you.

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