Flash Fiction

Fad Diet

Five blueberries. Two black coffees. One apple juice. 

Five blueberries. Two black coffees. One apple juice.

Why am I still hungry? The influencers all say it’s harder in the beginning. Maybe that’s why. It means it’s working. 

Four more weeks of this and I’ll be bikini-ready for summer. 

Lemon detox juice for cleansing my insides. I hope my insides are cleansed because this tastes awful. Five more lunches with this and my insides might curl up and die. But it shouldn’t matter. I’ll have a flat stomach soon.

Thank goodness this is only for week one of the diet. 

How do these influencers do it?

Have these meetings always been so draining? Why do we have afternoon meetings? I could do with a nap. Or some food. 

No thank you, Janine, I do not need cheese and crackers to get me through every meeting. Geez. No wonder it’s hard to keep my weight down when we eat all the time at work. 

But I am strong. I am determined. I will look skinny for summer. 

You look unwell, says my boss to me. Do you think you should go home?

I’m fine, I say and drink another mouthful of charcoal-infused prune juice. Good for digestion apparently and a great antioxidant. 

Tired. So very tired. 

I don’t remember the bus ride home being so long. I hope Sarah isn’t home. I have no energy to listen to her drone on about her work and how I need to pull my weight around the house a bit more. 

I do not need food. Food is the enemy. That’s what the influencers say. 

A peek in the fridge won’t hurt though. 

Ugh, stupid, organised Sarah. Of course, she’s meal-prepped for the week.

And a cake? Why has she baked a cake? 

Shh stomach. Please don’t growl. It’s only a few more weeks. Well actually, one more week. We can have more solids next week. Think of how amazing you’ll look in a bikini. 

But cake…

Shut the fridge, shut the fridge, shut the goddam fridge. 

Okay, one little bite won’t hurt. 

Fuck. Sarah’s going to be so mad when she gets home. I wonder if she’ll believe it was an accident. That I didn’t mean to eat an entire cake. I feel so sick right now. This is why food is the enemy. Oh crap! My insides are definitely not liking this. Uh-oh!

Written in response to YeahWrite’s Weekly Prompt 546

Featured image by Abhinav Goswami from Pexels

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