Weekly Gratitude 2021 35/52

Happy Sunday! This week’s gratitude post is coming to you a bit later in the day as I’ve been attempting to write for a weekend writing competition. Not going to lie, it’s been hard going but I’m hoping to get it done and submitted before it’s due tomorrow at midday. Anyway, it’s been another week in lockdown here but a short work week as I had Friday off work. Here are all the things I’m grateful for from 22 August to 28 August 2021:

Sunday afternoon walk with lovely water views and good chats

Video chats with an online friend about a book we read

Having the courage to voice my opinion and advocate for something I believe in at work

Better training sessions this week after feeling fatigued the week before

Receiving a lovely care package from my friend SS

Phone chats with JR

Zoom writing session with an online writer friend on Thursday morning

Finding out I made it through to the final round of the YeahWrite Nonfiction SuperChallenge

Having Friday off work and enjoying a lovely walk with Sammie and Teddy

Lovely 9 km solo walk on Saturday in an area I haven’t explored

Cooking a nice meal for myself on Saturday

Lots and lots of cat cuddles this week

That’s been my week. Groundhog Day for the most part with still no end in sight. Overall, it has been manageable but like everyone, I have my days.

How has your week been?

Do share!

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