Lockdown Mornings

the 5 am wake-up call
after hitting snooze
once, maybe twice
get changed into activewear
not to influence, just because
old habits don’t die
feed the cats
who complain they’re starving
make that coffee
in the still dark morning
inhale the scent
in front of the glowing laptop
take a sip
then type, clickety-clack
the silent whirr of light traffic
the purring of cats
nothing to distract me
as my fingers tap, tap, tap
the sun gently rises,
painting the sky
in hues of orange, red,
leaving me mesmerised
i sip the second cup of coffee
watching changes in the sky
my day has begun gently
seeing darkness turn to light

(c) Sanch Writes (29 July 2021)

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