hard to flourish
tough to bloom
when with each day
uncertainty looms
a sense of dread,
of impending doom
our daily lives
filled with gloom

it's not about comparing
who has it worse
we're all suffering
we're all cursed

the collective losses
the missed milestones
rites of passage
that'll never return
away from loved ones
locked in a land
the freedom to live life
snatched out of our hands

it's okay to grieve
it's okay to cry
it makes perfect sense
to question our whys

though it's easy to judge
quick to point fingers
about best ways to manage
an imminent disaster
let's be kind
to ourselves and to others
despite what they tell us
we're all human, and in this together

(c) Sanch V @ Sanch Writes (15 July 2021)

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