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Book Review: Sunburnt Veils by Sara Haghdoosti

Book Review Sunburnt Veils

Tara is commencing at Sydney Uni to study a medical science degree. Her goal is to transfer to medicine. Oh, and she wears a hijab, much to her parents’ disappointment. On her first day of uni, there is a bomb threat on campus due to a bag being left in a lecture theatre. It just so happens, the bag was left by Tara – a woman in a hijab. Tara’s world collides with the entitled Alex, a politician’s son living in one of the uni’s colleges. She decides to ghost him but then, thanks to her social friend Mitra who introduces her to Sam, Tara may need to work with Alex and run for student union. Will it be worth it?

This contemporary YA novel by Sara Haghdoosti explores issues of race, sexuality, religion & what it means to be courageous. It looks at the prejudices that exist and moves beyond stereotypes. But amidst all the serious issues, it also has romance and young adult life. I enjoyed this book particularly the fact that it’s set in Sydney. While I didn’t go to Sydney uni myself, I’m relatively familiar with it as I walk through some of the campuses to get to work. 

Haghdoosti’s characters are great & I liked Tara, Alex, Mitra & Sam. Mitra in particular filled me with joy. There’s an energy in her that permeates through the book. This book is a quick read with some poignant messages. It dragged a little bit towards the end for me but it didn’t spoil the book. There were some dialogues I thought felt more American than Australian, but that could be me. Overall though, it’s an entertaining & relevant YA read that I’d recommend. 

Thank you to the Aus YA bloggers crew and Wakefield Press for my copy & for my turn on this tour.

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GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary
PublisherWakefield Press
Publishing DateApril 2021

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