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Book Review: Sisters by Daisy Johnson

Book Review Sisters by Daisy Johnson

Two sisters: September and July. Born 10 months apart. They couldn’t be more different. September is confident, assertive, controlling, and almost callous. July lives in her shadow, meek and mild. But they’ve always been close. Their mother has taken them out of school after a serious incident of school bullying & moves to their long-abandoned family home. But there, she hides away from them. In this place, July finds the close bond she’s always had with September is changing in ways she cannot understand. Slowly but surely, the incident comes to light & their relationship might just unravel.

Wow! This book. It’s a short one but it packed a massive punch. Dark, mysterious, and keeps you hooked. It delves into family violence, bullying, trauma, & grief. And Johnson manages to do this in a short space of time.

This is my first book by Daisy Johnson though I have her short story collection and her other novel which I plan to devour this year. I absolutely loved her writing! The prose is beautiful and haunting. And the story twists and turns in heartbreaking ways. I wasn’t disappointed.

Love was not enough in the end, not that kind of love.

Daisy Johnson, Sisters, p. 93

Grief is a house with no windows or doors and no way of telling the time.

Daisy Johnson, Sisters, p. 176

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CategoryLiterary Thriller
Publishing DateAugust 2020

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