Weekly Gratitude 2020 31/52

2020 gratitude

Happy Sunday everyone! I don’t know about you but I’m struggling to write my daily gratitude posts in my journal these days. Still, I try, because I know ultimately, it is good for me. It helps me look back and realise that maybe not everything is doom and gloom. I am backdating this gratitude post as a means of keeping a record for myself. Without further ado, here are some things I am grateful for from 26th July to 1st August 2020:

Good friends checking in on me on Sunday and during the week

Taking myself out for a little bit on a rainy Sunday for a coffee and lunch

Strength training at the gym every single weekday

Catching up with Sammy on Monday for a coffee as I had a day off

Realising I may have found a good GP in this area after she was very thorough with her checkup

Finding out I have quite low Vitamin D levels and low iron, all of which might be contributing to my significant exhaustion

Being given some new responsibilities at work

Lots and lots and lots of cat cuddles

Dogs coming up to me to play fetch while I read in the park on both Friday and Saturday

Dinner at a friend’s place on Friday night

It’s not been a fantastic week by any means, but it was better than the week before and I’m truly grateful for some of the people in my life.

How has your week been?

Do share!

Until next time,

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