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June 2020

  • 2020 gratitude

    Weekly Gratitude 2020 26/52

    Hello everyone, this gratitude post is coming to you a tad late because I’ve just not been feeling up to it. I’ll of course, backdate it anyway. I spent a grey…

  • 2020 gratitude

    Weekly Gratitude 2020 25/52

    Happy Sunday everyone! It’s winter solstice today and I’m a bit tired but have managed some life admin and to catch some sunshine. It’s been a slightly slow day but I…

  • 2020 gratitude

    Weekly Gratitude 2020 24/52

    Happy Sunday everyone! It’s a late one tonight after being out during the day but it’s here nevertheless. Without further ado, here is all that I’m grateful for from 7th June…

  • library
    Flash Fiction

    Library Visit

    A piece of micro fiction written for YeahWrite's monthly microprose challenge. This month's prompt is to tell a story in 48 words that includes an animal where there shouldn’t be one.…

  • 2020 gratitude

    Weekly Gratitude 2020 23/52

    Hello everyone! This is a very late gratitude post because I had a long and fun day yesterday celebrating my friend’s birthday but because I was exhausted, I crashed just after…

  • Poetry

    Red flags

    A poem written for YeahWrite's weekly challenge using the poetic technique of repetition…

  • may reflections
    The Month That Was

    May 2020 Reflections

    Hello Winter! It’s the first of June down this way and winter has been creeping in the last few weeks. May seemed to speed by pretty quickly especially given how March…