Weekly Gratitude 2019 51/52

2019 weekly gratitude

Happy penultimate Sunday of the decade! It’s a bit cooler down here today and I’m hoping it means a reprieve for the firefighters. I’ve got two more days of work this year and then a much-needed break. It’s time though to reflect back on the week that was and all that I’m grateful for from 15th December to 21st December 2019:

Spending most of Sunday hanging out with  my friends

Hitting the gym every day this week

Reading books in coffee shops

Functional training workout with my colleagues on Wednesday morning – it was a killer but it was also fun!

Wandering through bookstores in Newtown and the city on different days this week

Bumping into a friend in Newtown after work and going out to drinks

Catching up with my friends CN and SM on Saturday in the city at The Tea Cosy

Dessert and a beer later on Saturday with another friend

A lovely Christmas card and wishes from my manager

Relaxing Saturday night at home with a book and later, Netflix

It’s been a good week overall. Nothing too out of the ordinary but also, things to keep me content and happy. I’m looking forward to the break, to having time to reflect and hopefully, to just be.

How was your week?

Do share!

Until next time,

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