Weekly Gratitude 2019 45/52

2019 weekly gratitude

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s a late one this week and I’m going to backdate the post but it’s because I’ve been overwhelmed by life – looking for rentals, cleaning, making life decisions – all of it! I’m kinda exhausted but will try and write what I’m grateful for from 3rd November to 9th November 2019:

Brainstorming with friends about some of my financial decisions – glad I have friends who listen and offer practical advice

Realising that some staff at work will actually miss my expertise/ miss consulting with me regarding young people

Having a couple of medical staff say some nice things about me

My final psychology meeting with the department – it’s been good to know some of them and was a bittersweet moment

Enjoying a swim in the ocean on Thursday evening – it was super quick

Final day on Friday

Something surprising and sweet happening on Friday

Enjoying a beer at the beach on Friday evening

Looking at rentals in Sydney on Saturday with the company of a friend

Actually looking at places I could potentially live in unlike the week before!

That’s a quick wrap up of all that I am grateful for last week. Busy wrapping up at work and trying to figure out my life.

How was your week?

Do share!

Until next time,


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