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Book Review: How to make friends with the dark by Kathleen Glasgow

book review how to make friends with the dark

16-year-old Grace ‘Tiger’ Tolliver should be enjoying her first kiss, her first dance, hanging out with her friends and figuring out the stressors of school life. Instead, her life is thrown upside down when her mother, June – the only family member she has – dies. With June gone, Tiger realises how much she does not know about life and how little she knows about her own mother. Now she must navigate not just adolescence but also a darkness she has not known before.

How to make friends with the dark‘ is a book about grief. It is about love and loss and the process after. It’s about how we manage to go on in life when we think we cannot. Because sometimes, although it’s easier to succumb to the darkness, to the huge gaping hole a loved one leaves behind, maybe there can be reasons to continue on.

And I listen to her play that piece over and over, the music an ocean that washes the bleakness away and rocks me to sleep, far, far away from the black hole (pg 140)

This is a heart-wrenching, yet hopeful, book by Kathleen Glasgow. She explores death and our different responses to it not just through Tiger but through others’ eyes. She highlights the loneliness one can feel in such a situation and the connections we can have when we know others who understand what it’s like.

Parents shouldn’t die before their kids get old, but they do.

Parents shouldn’t beat their kids, and break their backs, or lock them in dog cages, or let them live in cardboard boxes by the 7-eleven, but they do.

I don’t know how to live now, knowing what I do, but I have to keep going.

(pg 408)

I personally have not experienced loss like this – deep, gaping, black and dark – but I know it’s inevitable. And I know the death of loved ones scares me far more than my own death. This book made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me sob. It left me with a heaviness that wasn’t all bad. Do read it! With tissues.

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