Weekly Gratitude 2019 36/52

2019 weekly gratitude

Welcome to another Sunday edition of my weekly gratitude posts. This one is brought to you from Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. It’s a whole new country since my last post in Montenegro. Since then, I’ve travelled through Albania and now Macedonia. Unfortunately, I have been sick particularly the last couple of days but hopefully, I am on the mend. Last Sunday I thought it was just heatstroke, but it persisted and turned into a cold and cough, and then what I thought was gastro. But it’s all probably been flu-like symptoms as I felt a bit feverish yesterday and did nothing but slept since we got to the hotel. That helped. Especially as the day before, I couldn’t keep any food or water down. Anyway, this isn’t to whinge and moan but rather to look at all things I am grateful for from 1st September to 7th September 2019:

All the gorgeous cats in Kotor, Montenegro. I loved that the cats were looked after by the locals

Learning about the history of Albania – it’s a country I didn’t know much about except that it was where Voldermort went into hiding after his curse on Harry backfired – but I now realise there is so much more to it!

Trying out Albanian cuisine and loving it

Enjoying an afternoon in a café in Tirana

Getting to know some of the people in the group – I am missing my Croatian group though as there were fewer couples in that one and we all got along quite well. People in this group are really nice but there are more couples and also, I wonder because I’ve been under the weather a bit, I probably haven’t been as chatty either

Getting cat cuddles in Berat, Albania {I’m really missing my kitties!!}

Exploring Ohrid in Macedonia

Visiting the paper workshop in Ohrid which still has a Gutenberg press they use to make paper

Boat ride on Lake Ohrid which included swimming in the middle of the lake

Falling sick in Macedonia – I guess if I had to fall sick on this trip, falling sick in Ohrid was helpful because the pharmacist was able to help me out and give me cold and flu tablets, electrolytes, something for nausea and also added probiotics. Also, the day after wasn’t too packed with activities for us apart from travelling to Skopje where I was able to sleep once we checked in

I’m hoping I recover completely soon because it sucks holidaying while being sick. We are headed to a homestay in Macedonia tomorrow and then Greece after that. I realise I am halfway through my trip – some of it seems like a whirlwind and I’m not sure yet if I’ve packed in too much. But apart from being sick, I have liked most of it.

How was your week?

Do share!

Until next time,

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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid
    9 September 2019 at 6:31 pm

    I’ve loved following along on your adventures – it looks magic. Sorry that you’ve been so poorly, that really sucks, but I hope you’re feeling loads better!