Life and Death

Death will come knocking

at your door

he’ll find his way in,

there’s nowhere you can go


He comes for us all

one fine day

we know not when he’ll call,

he surprises us that way


But until he arrives

it’s your choice

to take life in your hands

while acknowledging his voice


Do things you enjoy

open your heart

connect with people,

those near and far apart


Fall in love

despite your fears

you may get hurt

but it might be worth your tears


Make a difference

in the lives of those you meet

it doesn’t have to be big,

it can be small and sweet


Take several moments

to soak up the sun

be out in nature

and with it, become one


Life’s not about the big bang

or insta-worthy pics

it’s living with courage,

being grateful for little things


So, when Death comes knocking

you can greet him with a smile

because you’ll be content

knowing you’ve lived your life


© Sanch V @ Sanch Writes (9 May 2019)

***Written for the Wednesday Verses prompt ‘way’ and linking up with Vinay and Reema for the same***

Featured image by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels

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