the vacant chair at the dining table
the perfect sheets on your side of the bed
the unused cup with old tea stains
the shoes in the corner you’ll no longer wear
the slice of pizza, forgotten in the fridge
the bottles of wine you didn’t finish
the stack of books you wanted to read
the netflix list of ‘things to see’
the recipe you said you’d cook one day
the holiday plans we never made
the unfinished crossword on the rocking chair
the note you scribbled – ‘don’t forget the eggs
the house is full of reminders of you
your smell, your quirks, your habits too
i have no idea how to get through
my life seems empty without you

© Sanch V @ Sanch Writes (30 May 2019)

***Written for the Wednesday Verses prompt ’empty’ by Reema and Vinay***

Featured image: Pexels

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