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Book Review: What I like about me by Jenna Guillaume #AWW2019

book review what i like about me jenna guillaume

Sixteen-year-old Maisie Martin is not going to have the summer of her life. For one thing, it’s the first time her dad won’t be spending the Christmas holidays with the family because he’s too busy working. Then, her older sister, Eva who she really dislikes will be joining them from Melbourne along with her new girlfriend, Bess. Her mum is in a mood and Maisie is fairly sure there’s something not quite right between her parents. Her best friend Anna is going to be joining them on their summer getaway to work through her own issues after a break up with her boyfriend and feeling neglected by her mum. Maisie is also in for a whole lot of heartbreak when Anna starts going out with Sebastian, the boy Maisie has been in love with for years. His annoying friend Beamer doesn’t make her summer any more enjoyable. And if all that wasn’t enough, the last thing Maisie thought she would be doing this summer is entering a beauty pageant. Not when she has spent years trying to hide her body from everyone.

What I like about me is a sweet young adult novel about Maisie coming to terms with what she likes about herself especially as she has spent most of her teenage years not liking much. While the plot is reasonably predictable, it is still an unputdownable novel as you want to see how Maisie overcomes her insecurities and how she faces all the challenges life is throwing at her over one summer.

Guillaume explores the sensitive topic of being overweight and being judged for the same and how that can impact a young person’s self worth. Maisie’s character is well-developed over the course of the book as she reaches a few epiphanies and realises who her true friends are, what family means and how you can be comfortable in your own skin. With an ode to Dirty Dancing {which, I must confess I never liked!} and flavours of Dumplin’, this is light summer read that will go down a treat with adolescents. I finished it in one afternoon and wished I could’ve read this as a teenager when I was highly insecure being overweight and also had a friend like Anna. It’s a book that both adults who read YA and teens will enjoy.

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