Weekly Gratitude 2019 11/52

2019 weekly gratitude

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m writing to you from a very grey and gloomy day which perfectly matches how I’m feeling currently. It’s been one of those weeks. I have been overwhelmed and stressed for a while and I guess I didn’t realise just how stressed I was until Thursday night when I woke up with a burning feeling in my chest. That continued into the morning so I went to the chemist in between work and after I described my symptoms, he asked me if I’d been stressed. I had to laugh because, yes, I had. He told me it sounded like acid reflux caused by stress. So anyway, I’m taking medications but it still hurts and I may have to see a doctor this week. The stress wasn’t helped by also hearing about the terrorist attack in Christchurch on Friday. I need to articulate my thoughts on that before I can write about it but suffice to say, I’m sick of the world at the moment. Despite that, I think it’s important for my own wellbeing to look at some of the little silver linings from 10th March to 16th March 2019:

A relaxing Sunday on the couch and at the beach reading a lovely YA book – Piecing me together by Renee Watson

Lots of cat cuddles all week – I swear they know when I’m not feeling great emotionally or physically and give me all the love

The kindness of friends by checking in on me during an overwhelming time

A little validation in an otherwise frustrating outcome for something I cannot really talk about in detail

Exercising about four times this week including one personal training session – it’s probably what is keeping me from going over the edge

Seeing some of the kindness towards the Muslim community on social media – I know it’s my tunnel vision given the people and groups I follow but it’s still heartwarming to see especially when I know there is so much hatred out there

Supportive work colleagues trying to share the workload because they knew I was struggling with something in my personal life {without knowing all the details} and also knew I was unwell on Friday and still at work

Being able to support clients despite the shit I’m going through – one of them did tell me after the end of an emotional session that I was very helpful and validating. I didn’t fix anything – because I can’t and they know that – but I’m glad they felt heard

A friend coming over on Friday evening to keep my company because she was worried about me

Friends coming over on Saturday from Sydney with their gorgeous cavoodle. We didn’t do much other than go out to lunch and a quick walk with the dog, but it was nice to relax and chill. Also, I really want my own dog now but I don’t think Pebbles and Buttons will be too impressed!

I won’t lie – it hasn’t been a great week and I’m still not feeling great emotionally or physically but I’m doing my best to remind myself of the kindness and meaning that still exists in my life. That I’m still doing things that give me a sense of purpose. If there’s one thing I know from life, this too shall pass.

How was your week?

Do share!

Until next time,

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  • Vanessa
    17 March 2019 at 9:21 am

    Also a less than great week. Lots of downs, not many ups. As I said to a friend, driving home Friday in a storm marked “very dangerous” was actually the easiest part of my week.
    Hoping my injury treatment has turned a corner thanks to the support of a different GP & a psych who I went to see for pain management support.
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    • Sanch @ Sanch Writes
      17 March 2019 at 9:23 am

      It’s so hard to look for some silver linings when the week has been shit, isn’t it? I’m glad the new GP and psych seem supportive and keeping my fingers crossed that things take a turn for the positive for you xx

  • Simon Falk
    18 March 2019 at 8:15 pm

    I can sympathise with the acid reflux, Sanch. It’s been an episodic companion of mine for years. I think we are all affected by the shooting in Christchurch. It’s too close and horrible. We are all getting a handle on it still. Some, who have spoken early, have just grated in their shallowness or trenchant dribble. We look forward to your words on it when they are ready to emerge. Please keep up the gratitude posts. They are like lighthouse by a troublesome sea.
    Simon Falk recently posted…A Collective Noun For CranesMy Profile