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February 2019 Reflections

february reflections

Welcome to March! It’s the first day of autumn and while I like autumn for all the colours, I do hope the warm weather stays a bit longer so I can enjoy the beach! But before we march into the new month {see what I did there?!}, it’s time to reflect on February – the month that was.

What I wrote in February 2019

Most of my writing in February happened off the blog. I wrote a couple of poems, finished a short story and submitted it and also got some lovely feedback on the same even though it didn’t make the shortlist for a magazine competition.

What I read in February 2019

After reading 8 books in January, turns out I only managed 4 in February. I read The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris {review coming soon}, Van Cat Meow by Richard East, The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn and Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales {review coming shortly!}. I have started reading Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak and am about hundred pages into it – I won’t lie; it’s been difficult to get into. I wasn’t very impressed with The Woman in the Window either unlike most others. I’m not sure if it’s partly because I read about the author’s deception and lies but I guess I also thought he overdid the alcoholism of his protagonist and kept smashing the reader in the face with it.

On the blog in February 2019

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much going on on the blog this month. If you have been following it, you might know that I decided to go on a brief hiatus and password protect personal posts due to a stalker issue. It has made me very hypervigilant given they have been thinking I am communicating with them through the blog. I am happy to give you the password to posts if you contact me about it. I have already lost about 20 subscribers but at this point, I’m not fussed. Apart from that, I wrote my usual gratitude posts but protected them. The only public posts currently are book reviews and maybe issues-based stuff that I will continue to write. I reviewed some of the books I’d read in January including Cloudwish by Fiona Wood and The Last time we say goodbye by Cynthia Hand. I’m going to have to see how I go in March.

Health in February 2019

My physical health has been good in February thankfully. Apart from a couple of days of sinusitis, it’s been pretty okay. I have been exercising regularly on a new program created by a trainer who is an exercise physiologist. I also have a personal training session with him once a week. It’s all strength-training and I’m starting to notice a difference. It’s been awesome!

My mental health has been a bit on the fragile side because of the previously mentioned stalking issue. I have been anxious and occasionally, that becomes overwhelming and turns into sadness and emptiness. But I am doing all the things I know I need to do. I talk to friends, reach out, go to the beach, exercise, write, read and cuddle the cats all in a bid to help me feel okay.

Life in February 2019

Life has been pretty decent in Feb. I’ve been busy at work and am feeling valued and appreciated by my managers and by some clients. It’s a really nice feeling {especially the management side of things!} And even though some days are busy and overwhelming, I don’t feel stressed about it because I have my manager’s support. I’ve also enjoyed the beach, caught up with friends regularly on the coast and in Sydney, went to the cricket with friends, attended a live gig – Cog this time, supported by The Omnific and Osaka Punch, been listening to amazing music and also booking myself a holiday for later in the year. I went to a writing course on voice and met some lovely people there.

Highlight of February 2019

The kindness of friends offline and online, the support of my family from afar and the support of my workplace has to be the highlight for me. I have honestly been blown away by the kindness towards me and it fills me with so much joy and gratitude. I had a friend accompany me to an appointment that was emotionally difficult – they took time out of their work day to do that.

Lowlight of February 2019

Quite obviously, the lowlight of the month has been having to refrain from posting openly on my blog and feeling hypervigilant that my space has been invaded.

Lessons from February 2019

Bad situations and horrible feelings will pass. And they’ll come back again. And they’ll pass. But if you have good people around you, it will make it manageable. It helps to reach out and ask for help. There are some wonderfully amazing people in this world who make up for those that are twats.

That was my February in a nutshell. More offline than online.

How was February for you?

Do share!

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Until next time,

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  • Soumya
    4 March 2019 at 7:54 pm

    I hope your sinus is now better, Sanch. I know how terrible it can get for I’m blessed with both sinus and migraine πŸ™

    It is sad that you have to go through this, breaks my heart to see you be so cautious about something that you are so passionate about. I hope these issues are sorted out soon.
    Soumya recently posted…Action Replay + Gratitude List: February 2019My Profile