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January 2019

  • Poetry

    Love at first sight

    Poem: Love at first sight. Written for Wednesday Verses and the Writers Digest Poetry Prompt…

  • all of the things

    All of the things

    I have a problem. I keep trying to do all of the things. My brain currently feels like there are a million tabs open and all I’m doing is clicking one…

  • 2019 weekly gratitude

    Weekly Gratitude 2019 4/52

    Hello everyone! Welcome to another Sunday edition of my weekly gratitude posts. I do love these posts and sharing things I’ve been grateful for. It’s been a bit of a mixed…

  • Poetry

    Things to do

    savour my coffee bask in the morning sun listen to loud music sing along and hum dance to the beats feel it in my bones look like a dork have fun…

  • 2019 weekly gratitude

    Weekly Gratitude 2019 3/52

    Happy Sunday everyone! That seemed to come around a bit quicker than usual. It’s a cool, rainy and overcast morning here – very different from the warm and sunshiney week we…

  • 35 lessons
    Life lessons

    35 lessons in 35 years

    I turned 35 earlier this week. Around the same time, the #10yearchallenge was doing the rounds on social media {it probably still is – I just haven’t kept track}. I briefly…