Weekly Gratitude 2018 52/52


Happy Sunday and welcome to the final weekly gratitude post of 2018! I am quite stoked I managed to keep this up every week this year. The blog has been quieter compared to previous years but barring one week when I was on a road trip and had no internet, I have reflected on every week gone by with gratitude. For the week away, I just combined it and reflected on two weeks. Has it made me different? I’d like to think it has forced me to look for silver linings especially given I am quite a cynical person prone to melancholy. Without further ado, here are things I am grateful for from 23rd December 2018 to 29th December 2018.

Starting my Sunday with a yoga class – so good for the body and the soul

Catching up with my friend JR in Sydney and having a good time chatting

Beach days – mostly after work but sometimes during the day too

Spontaneous decision to go watch the Big Bash cricket between the Sixers and Thunder on Christmas eve with a friend

Giving back on Christmas day and feeling all the feels. It is a difficult time of the year for most people and even though I never grew up celebrating it, it can come with a wave of loneliness and a reminder of all that I don’t have. This year though, I was also able to focus on the things {or rather, people} I do have

Christmas lunch at my friend AC‘s and then dinner at my friend LS‘s

Boxing day with my friends JC and DB who came up from Sydney

My friend VP visiting from Darwin – was so good to catch up with her in person

Catching up with my friend NG and seeing her new kitten Mac

Saturday morning hike, beach and brunch with VP and LS – good times

Saturday arvo and evening spent with my friend CN, her husband and their friends for her upcoming birthday

Puppy cuddles!! CN got a new cavoodle puppy and she is the cutest thing ever! I want a dog! So so much

Even as I write this post, I am so so grateful for the people in my life. I wasn’t meant to be doing anything on Christmas apart from the morning. But then I got invited by these friends and one in Sydney and then two more that I had to thank and turn down {because I don’t have Hermione’s Time Turner}. It doesn’t mean the wave of loneliness occasionally doesn’t wash over me but it is also an indication to reach out and to connect as opposed to withdraw. Today is my day to myself and I’m hoping to reflect on the year gone by before penning my year-in-review post tomorrow. I can already see there is a lot to be grateful for.

How was your week?

Do share!

Until next time,


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