Weekly Gratitude 2018 38/52


Welcome to another Sunday gratitude edition, my dear readers! Hope you have had a wonderful week. We are now into the last 100 days of 2018. My week has felt a tad long and I was really glad when Friday night rolled along. Is it just me or do we all get exhausted in the last quarter of the year? I need a break but given that I’ve got my trip to India coming up in November, I don’t really have much leave leading up to it. Anyway, despite the exhaustion that is work, there have been a lot of good things to focus on from 16th September till 22nd September 2018.

Sunday hike with friends in Bouddi National Park

Haloumi burger and a beer in front of a fireplace with good company

Gymming six days this week in addition to the hike

Deadlifting 60 kilograms

Writing two blog posts this week – a poem and a nonfiction piece

Thursday night  dinner at my friend’s place where she cooked us meals from the Harry Potter cookbook

Amazing friends who are so supportive and funny and great

Watching Sleepmakeswaves live in concert on Friday night – such an incredible 90 minutes

Watching Potted Potter with friends on Saturday – a parody about Harry Potter that had us laughing the entire way through

Leaving books around Sydney as part of #booksontherail

Wandering around Newtown

Having dosa after ages!

While work has been mentally exhausting, things outside of it, especially exercising and socialising have been keeping me quite happy. I must confess I have neglected writing my work-in-progress but my aim is to change that this week.

How was your week?

Do share!

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Until next time,

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  • Shalzmojo
    23 September 2018 at 3:20 pm

    Fist bump for the 100 days fitness goals; I am on it too since yesterday. I started a day early as I was sure of having cheat days in between and ended up skipping today. Blaming it totally on the weather as its just divine out here. Pray that this continues for some time to come.

    Excited about your upcoming trips- trips are like that and I hope you get to meet everyone on your list 😉

    We have something calle dthe Book Fairy here who leaves books in the metro stations for peeps to find. Havent found one yet but it sure is fun!!!

    Harry potter parody sounds insane – you must tell me about it soon!!

    ! Ciao gurl!!