Weekly Gratitude 2018 27/52


Happy Sunday, everyone! It’s that time of the week to reflect on all that I am grateful for. It’s been a weird week for me – reasonably hectic at work, several moments of anxiety, in general, that weren’t helped by hormones {why, oh why?!} and just a meh feeling some of the time. And yet, I am so glad I do this post and write in my gratitude journal each night because if not for these, I would honestly be focussing on just the negative. But life is way more than that. So without further ado, here are some things I’m grateful for from the 1st of July till the 7th of July 2018.

Spending the day with the boyfriend on his birthday – we hit the beach {he surfed while I read}, then a brewery and then chilled at home

Exercising six times this week

Being able to deadlift 50 kilograms – 20 reps in total {yeah, just in case you missed my Instagram post!} I was stoked because it’s a personal best for me and also because it’s more than what I weigh {which I didn’t think would ever be possible!}

Writing and adding more words to my WIP — it’s actually rewriting but it still counts

Finishing the most beautiful book on love and loss – Tin Man by Sarah Winman. I cried, of course


Date night mid-week at a new place neither of us has been to – great meal and good wine. And of course, great company!

Going for an outdoor run in the morning and managing to run constantly for 3 kilometres. It might not seem like much but like I mentioned last week, it’s been a few years since I’ve run more than 1 kilometre

The receptionist at the private practice buying me a coffee and a cookie around lunchtime as I didn’t book myself a break – that was a lifesaver!

Friday night yoga to de-stress. Followed by a couple of glasses of wine at home

Decluttering my closet – feels so good to do so!

Lots to be grateful for this past week. Like I said, if I didn’t do this, I would think life sucked! It’s great to be able to look back and reflect each day on things that have actually gone well despite the speed bumps.

How was your week?

Do share!

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Until next time,

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