No means no

He pulled her pigtails
she screamed blue murder;
she told him to stop
but no one heard her

He pinched her bottom
as she climbed up the slide,
she told the teacher
but the boy ran to hide

He touched her breasts
through her school shirt,
she told him to stop
he put his hand up her skirt

He had her cornered
up against the wall
she told him to let go
as her skin began to crawl

He refused to listen
pressed up against her
what happened next
was all just a blur

He crumpled to the floor
as her knee met his groin
‘no means no,’ she said
‘someday the dots you’ll join’

© Sanch V @ Sanch Writes (29 June 2018)

***Linking up with Vinay and Reema for the Wednesday Verses prompt ‘No’***

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