Weekly Gratitude 2018 19/52


Happy Sunday, my lovely readers! If you’re a regular here, you know it’s time to look at the week gone by and focus on all that I’m grateful for. In some ways, this week felt like it dragged on but then, the weekend seems to have whizzed past. Here are things that made me smile and feel grateful from 6th May 2018 to 12th May 2018:

Having work friends over for lunch and games on Sunday

Being able to ask for help when a bit stressed or flustered

Fun work conversations that make you laugh out loud

Nerdy conversations with someone who gets it

Playing Words with friends and not being competitive at all {that’s a lie…I’m competitive!}

Coming up with humorous hashtags in conversation

Seeing my first clients in private practice and knowing they’re coming back

Having someone help ease my anxiety about private practice

Exercising every day this week including two yoga classes

Dinner and good conversation with a friend

Long walks

Talking about road trip plans and making sure we’ve got things we need

Having dinner cooked for me – not something I’m used to since moving out of home

Sleep-ins and snuggles

Kitty and doggy cuddles

Relaxing Saturday night

While I admit the week dragged on, there was still a lot to be grateful for. I am enjoying keeping my gratitude journal this year; there is a lot more I write in the journal than I share on here, of course. I do notice that despite frustrations in life, despite stressful times and anxious moments, writing in my journal really helps me look hard for the silver linings. Maybe there is something to it after all.

How was your week?

Do share!

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Until next time,

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  • Lindsay
    18 May 2018 at 9:12 pm

    Hey hun,
    Sounds like last week was plentiful of good things. I love that you can and know when to ask for help. So many people struggle with that and that’s such an important skill. And beneficial on so many levels.
    Pet cuddles always make my day or week better. 😉
    Hope you’re well and wish you a lovely weekend hun. xo