Weekly Gratitude 2018 17/52


Happy Sunday, readers! That’s come around quickly. It’s been a strange week as we had a public holiday here on Wednesday and it kinda broke the week up well. I reckon I could do this every week. It’s that time of the week for me to reflect on things I’m grateful for and made me happy from 22nd April till 28th April 2018.

Wrapping up a wonderful writer’s retreat weekend on Sunday

Being able to deadlift 38 kilograms and leg press 105 kilograms

Going to a live music gig on Tuesday night with wonderful company – we saw Royal Blood who I’ve only just been introduced to – and I loved it

Public holiday Wednesday spent the right way – sleep in, coffee, walks, conversation, and being introduced to Westworld

Laughs at work about the chaos that is currently my life – in a very good way

Feedback from my writing group

Short work week – only three days and it was great

Having someone who wants to share their day, the little things, the things that make them smile, the things on their mind and wanting to do the same back

Catching up with friends for dinner and an inspiring documentary

Listening to music

While I know I have not been blogging as much, I have had a lot going on in life. Trying to juggle it all has been interesting but the blog has been silent as a result.

How has your week been? 

Do share!

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Until next time,


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  • Lindsay
    4 May 2018 at 8:49 pm

    Short weeks are amaze-balls and your deadlifts are AMAZING girl! That’s awesome. I’m cheering you on from Canada.

    I hope you had a good week, love. Happy Friday! xo