Weekly Gratitude 2018 14/52


Happy Sunday, lovely readers! This has been a bit of a whirlwind of a week for me. It’s felt really long but in a good way as I packed a lot in the last seven days. Anyway, without further ado, here are some things I’m grateful for from 1st April 2018 to 7th April 2018. 

My friend, J coming over on Sunday from Sydney and spending a night here – enjoyable conversations, beach time, good food and laughs

A girls’ dinner at another friend’s place on Sunday night

Dumpling dinner with my friends during the week

Three beach days during this week – amazing!

Friendship – my friend KH coming to support me at a difficult time; my friend KP checking in on me regularly. I am so grateful for them!

Getting a flat tyre on the way to the gym on Thursday morning and a kind stranger changing it for me even though it made him a bit late for work

New hair colour

Seeing my name in print as the anthology with my short story was published this week

Meeting someone new and really clicking with them

Long, long conversations that make me laugh, smile, and think

People who make you feel good about yourself, who validate your experience, who are authentic

Dinner and a drink with a girlfriend after attending a talk at the Newcastle writers’ festival last night

It’s been a good week for the most part except for a couple of stressful times. There was definitely a lot more to smile about, to laugh about and to feel grateful for.

How has your week been?

Do share!

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Until next time,


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  • Obsessivemom
    12 April 2018 at 12:10 am

    That’s one happy list. Congratulations on getting your story published. It’s a whole different kind of kick, isn’t it?
    You’re lucky to get so much of the beach. For us it’s a few days in a year and we have to be happy with that.
    When a stranger lends a helping hand it’s the happiest feeling of all because it is always unexpected. It leaves one feeling so very grateful.
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  • Lindsay
    12 April 2018 at 5:06 am

    Hey girl,

    I seriously think you and I would be great friends in real life and I say that seeing some of your pictures making silly faces and I love that about you. No fear at all. I’m constantly making silly/stupid faces and sometimes I catch myself in the mirror and you just gotta laugh. 🙂 Your hair looks gorgeous – I really love it. And I bet the color will come out a bit more with the sunshine.
    I’m glad you have such great, supportive friends that you can depend on. That can mean the world during tough times and I always wish I had more or closer girlfriends. *sigh*
    That’s so incredible nice of that man to help you fix your tire. I would’ve been lost – I’ve never had to do that on my own and I’m sure Id look at it all and then do the SIMS gesture, as in ‘WTF, nope.’ LOL Perhaps I should learn how to do that someday…..

    Anyways, I hope you’re having a good week. It’s almost Friday….. 🙂

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