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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you must know by now I am a bibliophile. A bookworm. I found this Q & A on reading and reading habits over at Vinay’s blog who borrowed it from Shilpa and it seemed like a lovely way to share some more about my reading habits.

Do you have a specific place for reading?

Not really. I can read on the couch, in bed, on public transport, at a restaurant, at the lunch table at work. My favourite place to read though would be at the beach.

Bookmark or random piece of paper?

Bookmarks all the way. This is more so since I started buying books on Book Depository; they provide bookmarks with most purchases and as a result, I have several bookmarks all waiting to be used.

Do you eat or drink whilst reading?

Yes, I do occasionally. If I’m reading at the lunch table at work, it’s usually while having lunch. Occasionally at home, I might have a cuppa or a snack while reading. Reading while eating is a habit I’ve had since I was a kid. Back then, I’d neglect the food and get told off for sitting at the lunch table for an hour while the food got cold.

Music or TV whilst reading?

Yes, occasionally. I don’t watch TV necessarily but if the cricket is on, for example, it might be in the background while I am reading and I’ll check the score. I also have had mellow music playing in the background while I read. I can focus quite well on the reading without being distracted too much by any noise around me.

One book at a time or several?

I’m a one book at a time person. I’ve tried, time and again, to read multiple books but all that ends up happening is I focus on one and the others I may have started, get left on the sidelines!

Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere?

The beach is my preferred place because of the sun, the sand and the smell of the ocean. I can be surrounded by people and yet, find myself lost in the world I’m reading about. I do like reading at home too and in bed at night but the number one place would be the beach.

Read out loud or silently?

Silently. Unless it’s a section that grabs me or has beautiful writing, I may occasionally read it out loud in awe of how the author has lyrically put words together. Something I personally struggle with.

Do you read ahead or skip pages?

If the writing is verbose or if the book hasn’t grabbed me completely, I might skim read but not necessarily skip entire pages.

Break the spine or keep it like new?

I don’t deliberately break the spine but if it occurs in the process of reading, I’m not too fussed. After all, it means the book was really good and therefore, well-read.

Do you write in books?

Uh. No. Except for my psychology textbooks. But they don’t count.

What books are you reading now?

I’m currently reading Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman and am thoroughly enjoying it.

What is your childhood favourite book?

The Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton

What is your all-time favourite book?

I can’t select just one but I have narrowed down a top five list for a few years. They include the Harry Potter series, A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry, Everything I never told you by Celeste Ng, We need to talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver and My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Most of these books have a significant emotional impact on me which is why even years later, they continue to feature on my list.

I thought I’d take the liberty to add a couple more questions to the mix.

Give-up or read on if you don’t enjoy the book?

In the past, I never gave up on books and I’d push myself to finish it no matter what. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised that life is too short to read books that you just cannot get into! This doesn’t mean I don’t finish books I don’t like – I have done that. But if it’s just too hard to read, I will happily let it pass. Some examples of books I’ve not finished are Hidden Figures or Villette by Charlotte Bronte.

Would you lend your books?

I do lend my books but with the caveat that it’s precious to me. I have had experiences when younger, where people would read and return books with pages ripped out. I stopped lending books for a while. Now while I do lend them, I make sure people know if the book is a cherished one I hope to keep or if it’s one they can read and pass on.

There you have it. A bit about my bookish self.

What are your reading habits like?

Do share!

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Until next time,

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  • Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond
    15 January 2018 at 12:49 pm

    I love reading too, Sanch! I enjoyed your answers but my favourite place to read is laying on the bed for an afternoon with my favourite book. I used to struggle and push through if I didn’t like a book but now if it doesn’t grab me then I let it go and move on to something I will enjoy. Have a great week!

  • Shailaja Vishwanath
    15 January 2018 at 1:23 pm

    Oh my favourite is Malory Towers too! Introduced the kid to it last year and she devoured all of them!

    I saw this book tag and have been meaning to take it up for the longest time. I just got my post idea for this week! Thanks, Sanch 😀

    Oh, LOVED your answers.
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…Tailwind Tips for Bloggers: How to use Tailwind with PinterestMy Profile

  • Jo Tracey
    15 January 2018 at 7:51 pm

    I love this – so much that I’ll be stealing it for this week’s lovin’ life linky! That gives me a whole few days to think about what my favourite book is…

  • Anamika Agnihotri
    15 January 2018 at 8:42 pm

    I am happy to meet another one book person like me. I may not be half a bibliophile as you but I love all things books and I loved reading this post and getting to know more about your reading habits.

  • Alicia O'Brien
    15 January 2018 at 9:48 pm

    I remember camping by the beach before I had the girls, stretched out on a banana lounge and reading. It is entrenched in my memories as being bliss. I need to do that again.

    I read often when I am at the table eating, usually lunch or breakfast. And Enid Blyton is one of my favourtie childhood reads, I would get lost in her books.
    Alicia O’Brien recently posted…CONNECTED in 2018My Profile

  • Parul Thakur
    16 January 2018 at 12:33 am

    That’s a great idea for a blog post. I would love to take that up.
    I love to read in bed. At a beach, I would be busy clicking or watching the waves. 🙂
    Loved your answers and in a lot of ways, found similarity too 🙂
    Parul Thakur recently posted…International Blog Delurking Week – 2018My Profile

  • Sydney Shop Girl
    16 January 2018 at 8:34 am

    I’m a few books at a time kind of person. Read in silence, in bed with a cup of tea. Stubbornly persist with books these days where once I gave up if I wasn’t feeling it.

    SSG xxx
    Sydney Shop Girl recently posted…Life This Week 15/1/2018: Favourite Weather.My Profile

  • Charlotte
    16 January 2018 at 10:02 am

    Phi loved your answers to this!! And agree completely re: life is too short to continue reading a book you don’t enjoy. I’ve done that so many times, but it always makes me angry and why not just start over and read something that gives joy?

    I love beach reading too, but I always end up putting the book down to take in sunshine instead!
    Charlotte recently posted…A little Pixie’s favorites (the winter edition)My Profile

  • Soumya
    16 January 2018 at 6:00 pm

    So nice to know you more, Sanch! Finally I have someone here who is okay if the spine breaks. Although I break mine deliberately to ease reading 😛

    I’ve been wanting to read ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ for ages now especially since it is on the lines of ‘Nineteen Minutes’ by Jodi Picoult. I have watched the movie ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ and hated the choice of Cameron Diaz as the mother! There was so much emotion lacking in the movie. Yes, now I need to read the book. Thank you for reminding me.
    Soumya recently posted…International Blog Delurking Week: 2018My Profile

  • Suger
    16 January 2018 at 11:39 pm

    I loved this. Thanks for letting us get to know you a little more. In response to your questions, I’m a one book at a time type of girl too. I like to read in bed, but also have been known to settle in at the beach, pool or spa. I like to be comfortable when I read, but challenged with the content.

  • Jess Hamby
    17 January 2018 at 7:50 am

    Loved this. I read multiple books at a time, but one always gets preference, and it’s usually a mix of fiction and non-fiction, the non-fiction being the slow one. Do you ever read ebooks?

    • Sanch @ Sanch Writes
      17 January 2018 at 10:19 am

      Not always; I have read some on the kindle app but can’t get into them like actual books

  • Denyse
    17 January 2018 at 11:05 am

    This was lovely to read and get to know more about you at the same time. I was a huge readers of books but in the last few years have moved to the audible or CD versions and I listen to them in my art room when creating or out in the car by myself. I am listening to Elanor Oliphant right now and with the narrator using a scottish brogue it is even more engaging.
    I try to read books but I find fiction is very limited for me as I am not into thrillers nor fantasy or even love stories. I am sure it is my age as well! I read (not always finish) more non-fiction these days: Brene Brown and Pema Chodron are top of my list.
    One of the things I make from my art is personalised book marks! I paint them in the various patterns and on the back write the person’s name or “my bookmark” and I give them away to friends and family. A package of them was sent to my daughter who is the teacher-librarian at her school in Sydney and she was putting them in the prize winners’ books on presentation day.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 3/52. Next week’s optional prompt is “What is Kindness?”
    Denyse recently posted…Art Kits, Materials & More. Part One. 2018.6.My Profile

  • Shilpa Gupte
    17 January 2018 at 5:08 pm

    Ah, books and the beach make such a fine combination! That is where I would love to read too, or maybe in the woods, perched on a branch of a tree and enveloped in the silence, enjoying only the chirps of the birds around!
    It’s wonderful getting to know some more about you, my fellow- bookworm! And, I, too, am a one-book-woman! 😛
    Shilpa Gupte recently posted…Sources and management of Vitamin E. #EVIONMy Profile

  • Diary of a Bookworm - Joanne Tracey
    18 January 2018 at 6:02 am

    […] inspired by Sanch Writes, here’s by bookish […]

  • Reema Sahay
    20 January 2018 at 5:30 pm

    I loved Malory Towers too. I loved Famous Five series as well. My all-time favourite books (which stand out in my memory) are Man, Woman and Child by Erich Segal, Maximum City by Suketu Mehta, The Kite Runners by Khaled Hosseini, The Twentieth Wife & A Feast of Roses by Indu Sundaresan, Yajnaseni by Pratibha Ray. Do check them out. I have loved ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ by Jodi Picoult. I love Rohinton Mistry’s books. They are enriching. You feel that you have had a rich experience. I have read ‘Family Matters’ and ‘Such A Long Journey’. I do read multiple books together but I always pick different genres. For example, a thriller will be read with a parenting and a self-help book. But yes, sometimes, I latch on to one book and others fall behind. Wrote too much. Never get tired of writing about books 🙂