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January 2018

  • the crush

    The Crush

    I steal a glance, Walk past your way Hoping you will catch my eye Sometimes you smile and make my day At other times, you simply walk on by I wait…

  • gratitude

    Weekly Gratitude 2018 4/52

    Happy Sunday, lovely readers. Here Down Under, we’ve had a long weekend and it’s been nice to have some downtime. Although given I’ve been social almost every day, it’s not so…

  • Poetry

    Dying laughter

    Years ago, Their tiny home filled with warmth, joy and love; Laughter echoed through the walls, Banter ensued behind closed doors Then one day All was quiet Silence screamed through the…

  • gratitude

    Weekly gratitude 2018 3/52

    Happy Sunday everyone! I can’t believe it’s already Sunday. This week seems to have whizzed past. It’s been a busy week and predominantly a good one with lots to be grateful…