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For another day #FridayReflections

‘Mum, may I wear my red dress?’ asked Maya.

‘It’s too pretty, dear. Let’s save it for another day. Your shorts are fine to wear outdoors.’

Maya’s face fell but she respected her mother’s wishes.


‘Is it okay to wear it today?’

‘Not to school, sweetheart. It’ll get ruined. Better save it for another day when there’s something special.’


Maya looked beautiful lying in her casket wearing her untouched red dress.


(c) Sanch V @ Sanch Writes (27 October 2017)

Inspired by the song title ‘For another day’ by The Living End

If you are new to Friday Reflections, here’s what it’s about. It’s the end of the week, you’re probably exhausted with work, and all you want to do is sit back, put your feet up, sip on some fancy cocktail or wine, and write away.

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