The Month That Was

July 2017: Serene sometimes, stressful at others

I started July with the view to embrace some serenity. Needless to say, things did not always go that way but I did manage to catch some serene moments. Like spending an afternoon walking on the beach or while exercising or even on the day I was sick.

July was an interesting month. It was busy, busy, busy at work and there were days I’d get home really tired. Yet, there was a sense of satisfaction with the work itself excluding all the systemic stuff one can encounter. I started July by going away with some friends to the Blue Mountains for the weekend. It was nice to get away even though I felt a bit out of place as there was a lot of pregnancy and baby talk.

The weekend after, I went to Mudgee with another group of friends. It was nice to getaway two weekends in a row but that, along with the stress at work, probably all caught up with me resulting in me falling sick. I finished my writing job in early July after realising working over 50 hours a week was not good for me. Instead, I set up a whole new project for myself. I also had time to read a few books this month and reviewed a couple of them. I also went and watched Dean Lewis live in concert. You can check out one of his songs in this post.

One exciting this month was meeting Kate Forsyth and having her give me some encouragement for writing. In fact, I’m going along with Allison Tait and trying #writeabookwithAl with my focus initially being a short story for a competition due to the end of August followed by the big thing!

July brought with it a lot of sadness in the form of the suicide of Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park. I think what still devastates me is that he helped people through hard times with his singing and lyrics, and in the end, the demons got to him anyway. It made me ponder about life in general and whether I will have regrets in the end.

Finally, I finished off the month by completing a 27.5 kilometre hike from Norah Head Lighthouse to the Skillion at Terrigal. Walking on sand for most of it was the hardest bit of the hike; especially the last 3 kilometres which were a killer.

It’s been an okay month. Ups and downs which are part of life. Joyful and serene moments, and moments of sorrow. But life goes on.

In August, I’m focussing on Inspiration as the positive emotion and it fits in perfectly with needing the inspiration to write that story and that book! So who’s with me?

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