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A day in the life of Pebbles and Buttons #writebravely

Meowning everyone! Mum asked us to write on her blog after a long time! This time though, she suggested we write together. We are not supurrrr pleased about that but we’ll try.

So a day in our lives?

Pebbles: I wake up first. I’m usually up around 3:30 in the meowning when it’s all dark and I scratch the meowrer because I want to get into what’s behind it. It’s the place where all of mum’s clothes are. It usually wakes mum up and she hisses at me to stop it. Some days I make sure she has to get out of her warm bed to do that before I stop. Then I jump up on the bed with her.

Buttons: When mum wakes up because of Pebbles, I wake up too. I then leave and go for a snack.

Pebbles: This sound starts around an hour or so later and mum always reaches out to hit something. It goes on again in a few meownites and again…

Buttons: …and again and again till mum finally sits up. I think it’s her ‘are you alive’ meowsic. Mum gets up and gets dressed in something she calls tights. She puts on her running shoes and then goes to the bathroom. I usually follow her in there some meownings.

Pebbles: And I follow her there when he doesn’t steal my spot. Once mum finishes, she goes downstairs to make this drink that wakes her up. I follow her and rub up against her because I know that means she is leaving soon.

Buttons: Mum always makes sure she feeds us before she leaves. Most days I just stay on the bed and say goodbye.

Pebbles: And I follow her to the door and sometimes try to get out with her. Which she never allows.

Buttons: Once mum goes, I go back to sleep

Pebbles: And so do I

Buttons: I wake up to eat

Pebbles: Yeah me too…or to find the sun

Buttons: I sleep

Pebbles: I do too

Buttons: I chase Pebbles if I’m a bit bored

Pebbles: I hiss at him

Pebbles and Buttons: After what seems like ages, we hear mum’s car. So we wait for her near the door she comes in. If she sits outside for too long, we call out to her to make sure she isn’t eaten by any meownster out there.

Buttons: When mum comes in I rub up against her and wait for her to scratch my head.

Pebbles: I talk to her a lot and ask her how her day was. I also tell her I want to visit the backyard but she usually just starts to walk upstairs.

Buttons: I race mum upstairs

Pebbles: And I follow too. We wait while mum gets changed into these warm clothes but sometimes I start to yell at her that I need food.

Pebbles and Buttons: We then go downstairs with her and she gives us some yummy food before she feeds herself.

Pebbles: Then I ask to go out for a bit

Buttons: And I steal Pebbles food

Pebbles: I come in a little later and if mum has finished eating, I sit on her lap

Buttons: I just cuddle up next to her while her fingers move on this thing.

Pebbles and Buttons: We know when mum is ready for a nap because she shuts down this screen, picks up a book and a cup of tea and walks upstairs. We follow her and jump into bed once she gets in.

Buttons: I usually sleep near her feet but sometimes I’ll come for cuddles

Pebbles: I just sleep on top of mum. It’s so comfortable. She’s well-trained too because she does not move when I’m sleeping on her.

So that’s a day in our life. Pretty purrfect, don’t you think?

Tell us about yours!

***I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 Today’s prompt is ‘Feature a day in your life or someone else’s life’***


Until next time,

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