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June 2017

  • Life

    When things happen in threes

    You know how there is a belief that bad luck runs in threes. Just in the past month, I’ve had my share of bad things happen. Honestly, if the catastrophe fairy…

  • lord of the files

    Lord of the Files #Barathon

    A busy firm with five hundred staff Yet, none with any organisational skills They stood around the cooler and loved to laugh Until one day they got snowed under bills To…

  • Life

    Lost along the way #FridayReflections

    Life doesn’t go to plan. I know that and I accept that. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve had big plans. As organised as I am, I’ve never been the…

  • Poetry

    War and Pieces #Barathon

    The leader of the world lived in his little bubble Attacking those who didn’t agree with him For his foes, he caused a whole lotta trouble, By giving bombing orders on…

  • Poetry

    Of Ice and Men #Barathon

    He grew up being beaten by a drug-addled dad, A mum who sought solace in a bottle every night So he hung out with some friends others thought were bad Tried…

  • Poetry

    Life of Pie #Barathon

    My love for food knows no bounds Both sweet and savoury I adore I’ll have a treat for no valid grounds Chocolate, chips, spicy food galore Ice-creams, biscuits, pies and more…