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March 2017: Kinda awesome

I’m a bit late with my first of the month post looking back at the month that was March. March started off with high hopes but somehow, mentally, it just didn’t do it for me. In spite of trying to focus on awe-inspiring things during the month, I kinda lost my mojo. Partly because of the weather — we had rainy weather for most of March making it tough to go out and look for things that inspired me with awe. I also felt I was working way too much in March and I think that exhausted me too. Plus a few other personal issues meant it was a bit of a meh month in general.

In March, I still managed to blog a fair bit. Most of it was my 12wbt post updates. While I had a couple of downers, I still managed quite well especially as seen in the mini-milestone. I talked about being misunderstood in March and also called to speak up for change. I had a bit of a laugh when I spoke about wanting 10 clones…because let’s face it, with all my busy-ness, that’s what’s going to help!

I pondered about a possible ghost cat while also reflecting on the good in the world. I indulged in some self-reflection by talking about my character strengths. I ended the month with a laugh at my star sign and how much of me I could see in it.

I’m hoping I can feel rejuvenated in April. Participating in the A to Z Challenge is exciting as it’s motivating me to write different forms of poetry. Given that April is all about ‘Interest’, it’s a nice coincidence. The public holidays in April thanks to Easter and Anzac day are certainly going to help and more importantly, I go away for ten days at the end of the month for a hike on the Great Ocean Road. Woohoo!

If you participated in the Flourish Inside Out challenge in March, do share your link with pictures below. Alternatively, if you have a review or reflection post on the month that was, you can also link up!

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