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Being bold #BeBoldforChange #IWD

Some days I get tired of fighting.

I get tired of arguing with certain people about feminism, why it is important and why I am one.

I get tired of those who detract from the main issues that ‘not all men’ are violent/rapists/bad/insert-whatever-they-say-here.

I get tired of trying to explain time and again there is a gender pay gap and just because one or two women CEOs may have ‘made it’, doesn’t make it ‘equal pay’.

I get tired of those who say women are emotional or bossy but men doing the same thing are just good leaders.

I get tired of trying to explain why women are not responsible for being raped or for the violence inflicted on them.

I get tired of trying to explain to men that women don’t owe them anything, that a woman doesn’t need to go out with them just because they want to go out with her.

I get tired of trying to comprehend what goes on in some men’s minds to spout the vitriol they do when a woman ignores them or has an opinion or voice.

I get tired of trying to explain why in some countries women needed quotas for education or workplaces because it is in fact, the only thing that can ensure they have an education in the first place.

I get tired of trying to explain what the world is like for a woman — for living in fear from the time she is a child till the she is an adult — fear that someone will molest her, rape her or assault her.

I get tired.


I will still not stay quiet.

I will continue to use my voice to speak out against inequality.

I will continue to call out sexism I see.

I will continue to fight for equal pay.

I will continue to ask for equal opportunities.

I will continue to speak out against stereotypes.

And in my tired voice, I will continue to proudly proclaim I am a feminist.

Happy International Women’s Day! And to those men who have a problem with it, too fucking bad!

Until next time,



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