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Sunset at Long Jetty Wharf {Sundays in my City}

It’s been almost four months since I moved up to the Central Coast of New South Wales. I still haven’t explored all that much but I am hoping joining in every week for Sundays in my city will give me further incentive to explore this place. About a 10-minute drive from where I live, is Long Jetty Wharf. It’s named this because it three long jetties that span out over Tuggerah Lakes. There is a lovely path for bicycles and walkers alike which is along the foreshore and about 4 kilometres return. We’ve enjoyed some picnics, walks and time spent reading at Long Jetty Wharf. Due to it being west-facing, it has an incredible view of the sunset.

How could you not feel at peace when Mother Nature puts on a show like this? I feel grateful to live near here and be able to witness this whenever I want. Just so you know, none of the pictures have any filters added. They have all been taken with my Panasonic Lumix camera except for the featured image which is with my iPhone 6.

What do sunsets look like in your city? 

Do share! 

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