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May 2016

  • hello
    Creative nonfiction


    Nestled in the busy living room between the two sofas, on a square brown table lay the phone. A dull green in colour, it was unappealing at best. Accompanying it were…

  • All about the mind

    I miss you #FridayReflections

    You used to be so vibrant, so full of life. Laughter came easily to you. Sometimes loud and clear or sometimes, in giggly spurts. You made noises. Weird ones. Just because…

  • Life lessons

    Reaching out

    When things get tough, I try and handle it all. I am responsible. I was always taught to be. Maybe it comes from being the eldest child. Maybe it’s just my…

  • Life lessons

    Worst advice ever #FridayReflections

    Have you ever noticed how people just love to give advice? It’s like opinions. Everyone thinks they have a right to share their opinion regardless of where they are or the…

  • All about the mind

    The gratitude myth

    Gratitude is big these days. There are memes on gratitude, quotes on gratitude, gratitude journals galore and even workshops on gratitude! We are told, particularly in the developed and developing world,…