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Book review: Pieces of a girl #aussieauthorchallenge

Pieces of a girl is the debut novel by Charlotte Wood. I purchased it {along with her other novels} after reading The Natural way of things late last year.

Ivy is a picture researcher and is obsessed with photographs of the human anatomy. She gets married to Linford, a field researcher, but it is an unhappy and uneasy marriage. Ivy’s story slowly comes out and it is constantly related back to her mother, June. Throughout her childhood, Ivy’s mother has punished her for stealing her life since she was born. One summer, Victor suddenly arrives into their lives. He brings with him the possibility of having a father but also the danger of finding out June and Ivy’s secret. Now in her thirties, Ivy goes out in search of Victor and finds him in his beach house. Here, their past and present collide as she tries to make sense of her life.

It took me a little while to get into this book but once I was a chapter or two into it, the reading flowed. Wood has a lyrical style of writing and her prose is beautiful. It’s what I enjoyed about The Natural way of things too. She manages to write about dark subjects in a captivating manner. As she slowly reveals Ivy’s secret, she also delves into the unhealthy relationship between Ivy and her mother, and later Ivy and Linford. By moving between the past and the present, she draws parallels in Ivy’s life and relationships. The book is a short one — 192 pages — and covers the most important aspects of Ivy’s life and what makes her her. Wood shows the reader a great deal about all characters without telling you explicit details. It’s up to you as the reader to decipher it all.

While the story is a bit out there, it is still captivating and Wood’s prose is reason enough to read this. The book is no longer available in print but second-hand copies are available {which is how I got mine}.

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